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GEMINI - Rosy Cheeks Necklace

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Named after it's delightful pink hues. Rosy cheeks is made from an arrangement of glass seed beads, glass disc beads, faux irregular shaped pearls and the cutest little peach freshwater pearls! 

At this stage Rosy cheeks only comes in one size!


It can still be worn by everyone it'll just either come up a bit or hang down a bit.

We recommend you measure around your neck to make sure you are happy with the length on you. 

If you are unsure you can message us on Instagram @geminibyemeraldeyes and we would be happy to assist. 

A few notes from Gemini 

We don't recommend getting your Gemini necklace wet as we are unsure of how it will survive over time! 

All of the necklaces are handmade so some irregularities may occur. 

Gemini necklaces are all made with gold plated clasps, split rings and wires. 

We ENCOURAGE layering! The more the merrier 🤍